Hello WWW

Some information about this website.

Hello WWW, Hello Hugo

I heard a lot of good things about Hugo lately. So I decided to give it a try for my website when I wanted to start some kind of personal (video-) podcast. Personal in a way that YouTube and was not my preferred choice but self-hosting.


I write posts on my iPhone using iA Writer. That stores Markdown files in my iCloud drive. Those files are copied into my Hugo site project on my Mac at home. There, I generate the static site and upload it to my webspace. Et viola.


This website is generated with a workflow around Hugo.

Design and implementation of the styles are entirely by me, with a lot of help from other peoples post and answers on Stackoverflow.com.

The favicon was created using favicon.io, using the following font:

For my Imprint (Impressum in German) and Data Protection Statement (Datenschutzerklärung in German), I used the generator provided by e-recht24.de.

This site is hosted at Uberspace.